Elasto plastic rubber material for 3d-printing?

Spirit & Elastik

Hello there

A common material for 3D printing are ABS/PLA plastic, but now have the company Shapeways introduced a material that can print bendable and flexible objects. The material is called Elasto Plastic, The material is  in an “experimental stage” and still has some work to be done, according to Shapeways (when it comes to heat resistance, color, finish and durability). So shapeways hasn’t begun selling the material, but you can if you’d like an object in the material, Shapeways can print the object for you. Even if the material is not here right now, it’s a sign for that more material will be available in time for the hobbyists, as long as it’s in a thread format and not powder, if the companies behind 3d printing can get that type of 3d printer cheaper.

But here’s some techical data on the material

  • Min Wall Supported: 0.8mm (will expand to…

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